Our Fees is flexible and cheap as listed below


$0 / mo

  • Daily
  • 50rmb/15links submitted at once


$15 / mo

  • Weekly
  • 270rmb for links submitted within a week


  • Monthly
  • Monthly Please contact us

Shipping Charges

Air cargo (China to Lagos Nigeria)
$9.4/kg and #500/kg, for clearing (Normal goods) 7 to 14days(If there's no Airlines congestion) $12/kg and #650/kg for clearing ( special goods like battery, chemical and the likes) 10 to 20days (if no Airlines congestion) Please tell us the type of the special goods you want to ship before sending to us...
Sea Cargo
$420/CBM including Clearing. (3 to 4months) Note: shipping charges and rate are dynamic. Please always ask for shipping charges If you want to ship to Kano or other states please contact us. And to our international clients please contact us on our social handle for the shipping information...